I first learned about The Emotion Code after a sudden traumatic experience of being a witness to a man who decided to hang himself at the place where I work. Seeing this led me to seek out different methods of healing. I could actually feel this man’s pain and suffering. I could feel his loneliness, sadness, and energy while he hung from the balcony. Now, I did not witness him do the act but it was like I knew why he did it. It took me back to a place in my head that I did not want to go to. I began to lose sleep at night and have lots of anxiety from this experience so I went on disability leave from work. I took six months off and went to my doctor after trying to self-medicate with marijuana. I knew this was not the route I wanted to take so I went to see my doctor to see if he could help me. After experiencing Western medicine ways that did not work, I tried other methods of healing, learning about crystal healing and energy medicine. I was introduced to The Emotion Code by a certified Practitioner who is a member of my church. She began sessions with me in February of this year, 2017.
We began with the symptoms of anxiety and PTSD, which were instantly removed from me after the first session. I then learned that my whole life has been one big ball of trauma. From childhood abuse to my own abuse, to relationship abuse. I have experienced all types of abuse throughout my lifetime up until now, sexual abuse, mental abuse, physical abuse and emotional abuse. I grew up around drugs and abuse and even found myself in an eight-year relationship that was just the same. When I was finally able to get out of that relationship, I began to abuse myself with drugs and alcohol, resulting in three DUI’s.

I was able to wake up and become reactivated in my church in 2010. This is when my life began to get better and change for the good. I still had the trauma from all this abuse and I carried it with me up until this year. I still have layers to peel off but since I began using The Emotion Code, or should I say, since The Emotion Code/Body Code came into my life I have been able to let go of that weight and process past events in my life that have caused much pain and depression for myself. I am very thankful for The Emotion Code/Body Code, and I have experienced so much relief from my past that I have decided to become certified myself. I am a complete believer in this work and it makes sense to me, more because I studied Psychology for four years and it just makes sense regarding the processing aspect of the releasing and the whole idea of the subconscious mind and our behaviors and the way our life is. I was looking for change and some way to escape. I knew there had to be another way other than Western medicine for healing. I just have to say that I have seen a counselor for all my life experiences and yes it was somewhat helpful, but it did not release the events that still caused depression when something else traumatic happened around me. It was like I could hold it all together but then when something changed (like the suicide experience), then it just brought everything back up all at once causing more emotions to be added to all of that from the past. With The Emotion Code became apart of my life and doing sessions every week since February, it has helped me to let go of and release the energy that caused my dramatic reactions to change in my life. I have seen great change in how I feel and react to life on life’s terms. I welcome change with open arms and understand now that I am not in control of life but I can control how I want to feel about the things happening in my life. I can be the solution now and not just the problem. I can help others with my experience and heal others through this work. If given the opportunity I would love to share my story to help others heal. I would love to become the person who creates a foundation for healing for crisis. Especially those who deal with addiction or abuse.

~Victoria Iris Briseño