I was introduced to The Emotion Code by a wonderful friend of mine who was going through Emotion Code Certification. I have been working on my inner program of being of ‘no value’ and somewhere in all of that inner work, I got stuck. This work on my Heart-Wall might be the key that would assist me through this already work in progress.

It was determined that my Heart-Wall consisted of wood and was twenty some feet thick. We worked on it for 2 weeks every other day, give or take, and most of the emotions came from the ‘B’ side of the chart. Now, I do not know how I feel regarding a place or piece of real estate called heaven or hell yet, during those processing moments, hell was located in my home in my body and my mind, adding fuel to the already consuming fire. I was told there might be moments like these and I was ready, or so I thought. I allowed all those ‘yuckies’ to come up and afterwards the program of ‘no value’ was in a completely different space.

What was truly an awesome moment for me was the awareness that there were possibilities that might work for me to achieve my life’s path or even my happiness. Bringing me closer to my dream and fulfilling said dream was just that, a dream, until after ‘hell’ left my home and clear skies of great potential showed up.

I later became aware of and totally awed over this huge fear that appeared to be the foundation to this program of ‘no value’ and fear securely held the program in place.

As a matter of fact fear seemed to be the basis in which I ran my life. Now, I am not saying releasing the Heart-Wall l was the only factor that gave me a birds-eye view of this fear, but it exposed the ‘fear’ that stifled my momentum into a more joyful life.

I continued working with The Emotion Code, gradually releasing more blocks and/or barriers and because of the phenomenal effects, I became a practitioner of The Emotion Code.

I am truly thankful for my friend, Heather, all those involved in bringing and creating The Emotion Code, and I am thankful for those moments of ‘hell’ while releasing my Heart-Wall, as the gift on the other side weighs the hellish moments, kinda like giving birth.

~ Sonora

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