“I was introduced to The Emotion Code® several years ago and have used the techniques on myself and those around me ever since. One session that really had a significant impact was working on my dog who is blind and almost totally deaf. My dog has an eye with glaucoma. The eye would swell and hurt her. After the session, her eye was no longer swollen and didn’t need eye drops any more. Also, after the session she now can hear, not perfectly, but before the session she couldn’t hear at all. Her hearing over time has gradually improved. I even leave the radio on for her now.

The Emotion Code has proven to be very effective in my life and the lives of those I serve. I’ve gotten so that if I have aches or afflictions and I work on the underlying causes, they are quickly remedied. Sometimes I will get out of alignment and have intense discomfort. I will work on releasing the underlying trapped emotions and the suffering is gone and my alignment is restored.

Before I took The Emotion Code training, I wasn’t as aware of patterns and how they affect us. Through using this energy healing modality, I’m now able to identify a troublesome pattern and work to release the trapped emotions that perpetuate the pattern. I enjoy working on children and observing their transformations. My greatest joy is removing distressing patterns with The Emotion Code, and teaching my clients the balancing power of The Emotion Code.”

~Nancy N., USA

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