At the age of about 11 my son would come home from school every other day with a painful migraine. He would put himself to bed without dinner to sleep off the pain and start the day again the next day. This went on for months with visits to doctors and specialists to no avail.

We decided to begin using The Body Code on him on a daily basis before the migraines, during and after looking for all possibilities in food, nutrition, sleep, sabotage. Many of the things found were inherited as I was a migraine sufferer as a child.

Persistence is the key to any action and within a few months his migraines had gone from 3 or 4 migraines a week to one a month. Now at the age of 14 he no longer has migraines and is a happy, fit and joyful soul. We can only be thankful to Dr Bradley for helping us to help ourselves.

Shamina Vahedi ~ Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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