I must have had a Heart-Wall since I was a small child because for as long as I can remember I’ve always had the tendency to hunch my shoulders forward (I was subconsciously protecting my heart). I remember my Mom always saying “Stand up straight, hold your shoulders back.”

During my third Emotion Code session my Heart-Wall released and my shoulders immediately thrust themselves backward of their own accord. It was a totally involuntary action, one that I really had no control over. When I got up from my chair to walk across the room it was as if I was walking “chest first”. It was the strangest feeling, and very liberating!

To this day I stand up straighter and taller and I feel so much more self-confident. It’s almost as if my real personality was hiding inside my chest, and when my Heart-Wall was released all barriers to pursuing a happy life were broken open. Thank you Dr. Brad!

– Kimberly Burke, CECP

This testimonial was originally published in Kimberly Burke’s Practitioner Spotlight.
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