I have only had The Emotion Code done on myself at this point, but I can tell you it stuck with me because that was 8 years, 2 degrees, and 1.5 years of volunteering in Africa ago. The Emotion Code was always on my mind as I pursued my bachelor’s degree and graduate training in counseling. I was really curious to compare my energy healing experience with the more traditional experiences I had, as both the counselee and counselor in training. I can tell you, The Emotion Code sure seemed to be a lot more powerful, quick, and efficient than several of the other treatment approaches I experienced and was trained in. I considered going the traditional counseling route, but I just didn’t see the results that I have seen with alternative therapies. Because of this, I am now pursuing my training as an Emotion Code Practitioner and hope to make it the heart of my practice.

~Kallie O.