Early Monday morning, on April 11th, I woke up to a strange sensation on my face. I knew that something was drastically wrong and I was very hesitant to look into the mirror. The right side of my face had literally dropped—paralyzed—and my smile was crooked. I could not close my eye, not even a blink. I thought I’d had a stroke!

I went to the walk-in clinic where it was confirmed it was NOT a stroke but the Doctor was very suspect of Bell’s Palsy. I have never known anyone personally with this condition and when I searched for further information, there was little mention as to the emotional component related to the physical.

In my world, after assisting hundreds of clients, there’s ALWAYS a connection between physical issues and emotional issues. And yes, it was confirmed I had Bell’s Palsy! As a practitioner for many years, I KNEW without a doubt there were trapped emotions and blockages that needed to be healed.

I posted a video to my friends and coworkers about what happened to me online in the Body Code Group where fellow healers share. Although it was somewhat unnerving and difficult to be the one asking for “help,” I was amazed as to the response. What an fantastic experience and one that I felt compelled to share. Nineteen healers volunteered to work with me, some Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioners, a chiropractor and several other types of energy practitioners.

Thirteen days later, I was healed of the Bell’s Palsy. I created a series of videos to share my journey. I had been REALLY frightened but refused to give into the fear. Instead I moved through it, facing the fear “head on” and not hiding out.

I believe by stepping out, this has greatly assisted my quick recovery!

– Brenda L.

Watch Brenda’s healing journey on YouTube!

Video 1: “Woke up to my face that had changed overnight!”

Video 2: “Cannot close my eye and some twitching going on!”

Video 3: “Problems eating and drinking”

Video 5: “Yeah! I AM HEALED”