My clients are reporting great things!

“Thirty years of depression released once my Heart-Wall came down. I’ve traveled 2000 miles to visit my sister. I’m making friends, got a raise at work and am feeling so much better. I used to hate people. From The Emotion Code work I’ve done with Jill, I’m making an effort to be with people and I actually like it!” ~Don

“I haven’t been able to travel in decades. After working with Jill I have taken an 18-hour flight to Europe, traveled on high-speed trains, did a week-long cruise, all event free. I can travel now without anxiety or fainting!” ~Gina

“I used to lick the crumbs out of the chip bag once I finished the entire bag. Now I throw the extra chips in the garbage. I just don’t want them anymore. After multiple surgeries and a lifetime of being heavy, I’m finally losing weight steadily, almost effortlessly. Thank you, Jill.” ~Catherine

~Jill Fischer