“The Emotion Code® has been life changing for me and my family. Seven years ago, I experienced my first Emotion Code session after going through the loss of a late term miscarriage. A friend that I traded therapies with had recommended giving The Emotion Code a try due the the intense grief I was feeling after the loss of the pregnancy. During the session, it was amazing how the practitioner not only released the grief and terror of the pregnancy loss, she also was able to discover other emotional wounds from my childhood.

After the success with that session, I decided to get The Emotion Code book and practice using The Emotion Code on myself and my family. My son, Finn, has also experienced very positive changes from The Emotion Code. He has a learning disability connected to auditory processing. Through his Emotion Code sessions, we discovered that the trauma and trapped emotions of a move when he was two years old were contributing to some of his exaggerated symptoms and auditory processing distress in his brain. After working with him periodically over the past two years with The Emotion Code, he is a more confident and assured young adult. What better way to experience energy healing than within your intimate circle of family and friends. The overall benefit of using The Emotion Code within our family dynamics is the shift in receptivity, communication, and the non-judgment of one another in sharing love in our lives.”

~Jennie W., USA

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