I ordered The Emotion Code book on October 22, 2012 after hearing Dr. Nelson speak with Dr. Karen Kan about the Emotion Code. Upon the arrival of the book, I completely devoured it! I began using and testing the method on myself, my family and my friends. After hundreds of hours of practice, I was working on myself and identified a Heart-Wall. I don’t recall specifically which emotions were cleared, however, but I remember the after effects. It was Thanksgiving Day and I was driving home to my parents’ home in Imperial Beach in San Diego County, CA. I felt so liberated and full of joy! I opened the sunroof and rolled down all of the windows, then proceeded to sing aloud to Sweet Home Alabama. I felt so free! I was just so happy to be alive, to have my family and friends, a job, and this tool to help free me of trapped emotions!

~Michelle P.