We had a stray cat around for a while that we were never able to even pet, but it would come around for food. Last Spring, I decided to do some work on this animal, to see if it would become less scared. I did a couple of sessions, among them being able to remove the Heart-Wall. The cat did become more at peace, not as jumpy or run when he saw you coming. Even though we still could not get close enough to pet, I could see and feel the new-found peace within this animal.

On one particular spring morning while home alone, I felt impressed to do some more work on him. He had become more curious about the inside of the house as of late, and had began sitting in front of the door to wait for his food. This particular morning, I opened up the screen door and quietly sat down at my table to see what would happen. He stuck his nose in the door and then decided to curl up on the doormat, which had never happened before. As I released emotions on him, he would look up from time to time. After I released Inherited Depression, the cat awoke and when I looked back up, he was walking through my kitchen! He then continued walked through that side of the house! He then went back to the porch to sit by the open door.

Later that afternoon, I was in my room, looked up to my astonishment that this cat was in my house again! He came around the corner into where I was! I was so amazed at this! I definitely contribute all of this to the releasing of all the emotions over time for him.

~ Mindy S.

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