“During my first Emotion Code® session when someone was working on me, I had a huge emotional release of abandonment from age 3 when the sexual abuse started. The anguish and tears just flowed up and out from my core. The practitioner released several other trapped emotions and a couple more from my Heart-Wall™. As soon as we hung up the phone, I felt full of creative energy and excitement and had hours of creative productivity. Then in a moment, my body crashed and I rested the remainder of the day so I could process.

Recently while working on myself, I cried as I released the emotion of overwhelm from age 3 concerning the sexual abuse. Unlike the abandonment release, the release of tears was an overwhelming feeling of relief and gratitude. The anxiousness that I’ve always had lifted in that moment.

Just last night I released the emotion of unworthy related the the sexual abuse and not being protected. This was the biggest emotional release yet. I’m 50 years old, and since age 3 my internal story and ingrained belief about myself has been that “I don’t matter” and “I’m not enough.” At releasing these, I felt weak, lethargic and have been resting all day. It is like an emotional hangover while I have been processing.

My friend Amanda just got custody of a one-year-old boy and I have been working on him using The Emotion Code. He’s been having night terrors, waking up drenched in sweat. There’s neglect and abuse in his background. I did The Emotion Code session by proxy over the phone and was able to release several trapped emotions from him. The final one released was terror. As I released it for him, I began to cry. I became overwhelmed with agony in my heart like I was feeling his suffering. It stayed with me after for a while and I cleared my own energy with sage afterward.

I also worked on her dog who was struggling with getting less attention since the baby arrived. I released trapped emotions of shock, lack of control, and fear from the dog as well as nervousness and frustration from his Heart-Wall. Amanda noticed a difference in the dog immediately.”

~Jen R., USA

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