I had a client aged 29 who had many different treatments to no avail for a chronic nerve pain in his right leg. I worked with The Body Code and found he had a “Saboteur” whilst in the womb in the third Trimester. I felt I really had lost the plot, how could this be? But he insisted that I continue.

I checked to see what was used and found it was something sharp—using muscle testing I discovered it was a needle. He immediately jumped up and dropped his jeans and showed me where a needle had pierced his inner thigh when the doctors took some fluid from his mum’s placenta as they were concerned for her and her babies welfare. The doctors had accidentally pierced his leg and there was a ring about 1 inch across that was puckered and quite obvious.

Once I cleared this, he immediately had no more nerve pain or discomfort and it has remained cleared!

Doreen Maloney-Coles ~ Huntly, New New Zealand

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