“The most pronounced result I’ve seen thus far from applying The Emotion Code® method has been from working on my cat. Frank is a rescue cat we adopted in Naples, Italy as a kitten after he was abandoned by his mother. From the time we took him home, he was extremely skittish and would not allow anyone near him. As he grew older, he would allow my husband to pick him up briefly, but generally avoided me and our children and always hid when guests were in the house.

One evening, he happened to be curled up asleep near me, so I took the opportunity to clear some trapped emotions. I was only able to work on him for about 5 minutes before he ran off. I didn’t write down the emotions I cleared, but I remember there being about three. I was shocked when, later that night, he came right up to me and started purring. He now comes to me for attention more than he does my husband, and he rarely hides when guests visit. Instead, he comes out to see them, and, on a couple of occasions, has actually let them pet him. I can feel that he’s so much happier now!”

~Cynthia F., USA

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