I was called to a small ranch to see if I could help a horse. The owners had rescued him 4 years ago as a way to give back for all their abundance. He was about 6 years old at that time and just a bag of bones. It took them two years just to get his weight back on. When I first saw him, outwardly he looked great, good weight, shiny coat, very well cared for. His eyes told a different story they were just dull. Then they haltered him to walk him out of his stall he walked very stiffly, not bending his knees and he could not turn fluidly. He had been getting regular massage work and chiropractic. The chiropractor had been there a couple of days before and he said he could not adjust him that day, he was too body sore.

I started The Emotion Code session and had released a couple of emotions when the emotion of grief came up. Then I asked where it was located and the instant that I got heart, it felt like a wave of energy came out from him and pushed me backward settling in my chest. I actually felt the energy hit me. It was overwhelming and it was all that I could do not to break down and cry in front of my clients. I was totally unprepared for that, I have been a Hypnotherapist for many years, and have a pretty good shield. I have never experienced anything like that before. The emotion was so strong I could not speak for a few moments. When I later apologized to the owner and told her what had happened she said “Oh! I felt that too but I thought it was just me, I cry over everything.” Then her husband said he felt something too (he was about 20 feet away) but did not know what he was feeling. He did not realize that it was connected to what happened with his horse. When he was put back in his stall, he was walking a little bit better. I went back two days later and did another short session. I noticed that his eyes were a little brighter and his gait was much better.

Two days later this is the report from the owners: They turn all their horses out every day on 20 acres. He was always the last to come in at night slowly trailing behind all the others. They went to get them that evening and bring them in for the night and he came galloping up to the gate with the lead horse! They said that was the first time they had seen him gallop in 4 years. Not only that, he now has a sparkle in his eyes.

We sometimes take animals for granted, but they have emotions too! And it seems, just like humans, sometimes it is more than they can bear and that energy becomes trapped. What an amazing tool to help them release this energy.

Debbie Barcon ~ Show Low, AZ