“I have a Border Collie dog named Max. He is a working cattle dog and has seen a lot of miles. He is turning 9 this year and has some stiffness in his joints and has seemed depressed. We were able to use The Emotion Code® to release trapped emotions of bitterness, abandonment, inherited terror, confusion, and absorbed self-abuse from me as well as several emotions from his Heart-Wall™. Max seems more joyful now and he is getting around much more easily. We are working on releasing more as he is ready. We are so grateful! The both of us are looking forward to moving cows this summer.

I have been able to use The Emotion Code on a cow (243) that had hoof rot. This condition causes her toes to split and it is very painful which causes traveling from feed to water to be very difficult. The cows are in a very large pasture and she has to walk at least a mile to the creek for water. This cow has had this condition chronically and was doctored last fall too. 243 has some deformity in her hoof as a result of the condition being chronic. We were able to release an inherited trapped emotion of defensiveness from her and were able to ask what kind and how much of the antibiotics she needed. She is able to travel much more easily now and isn’t the last one to the feed ground.

I have also used The Emotion Code on my husband and myself. I cannot come up with the words to fully express what The Emotion Code and The Body Code are doing for me. I have been continually in awe of these gifts. It is a true feeling of hope, healing, gratitude, and love. I am learning the only limitations for restoring wellness are the limits we put on ourselves. Thank you!!”

~Holli S., USA

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