I’m very grateful for what The Emotion Code is doing for me. I was having a lot of anxiety before going to sleep for a long time. I had many dreams about a tiger always scaring me away when in real life I had to deal with some relationship issues. I just learned that the tiger was part of my Heart-Wall. I feel so much lighter and happier after removing most of my Heart-Wall!!! So far my tiger didn’t come back to keep me away from getting hurt, but I am able to stand for myself and face situations that before caused me so much anxiety.

I was having some strange chills in my body for a long while. I thought it had to do with circulation and or high blood pressure or the anxiety so present in my nights, but after releasing Trapped Emotions of Guilt and Frustration contributing for that problem, I was still having the chills. Well, finally last Saturday I found out that I still had the chills because I had to forgive the people who caused me to have the negative Trapped Emotions. I started saying their names one by one and forgiving them and myself, as well. But, when I got to one particular name I felt the chills even stronger, as soon I said “I forgive this person” and I said his name, I felt as if something had left me.

Since then I feel so much better. The chills are gone, unless I am cold, of course. I am very grateful for Monica Peterson for helping me on this path. She has been very patient and very competent doing this job. I am learning more and more about all this new healing method. Thanks Dr Bradley for this wonderful work, and for finding the answers for my questions about the subconscious mind.

I believed in reprogramming our minds, but I couldn’t find the recycle bin. I knew I had to get rid of the negativity already there. The Emotion Code is the answer I was looking for.

Rosilene Brickey ~ Pleasant Grove, Utah

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