My daughter is twenty-seven in years, but mentally she is only six. She is a kind, loving, and trusting person that always has a smile on her face. But after a traumatic event happened to her a few years ago, she no longer smiled nor had the desire to enjoy life. She had nightmares and cried all the time. That once bubbly, bright-eyed girl was gone. As you can imagine, this was very hard as a mother to watch.

I tried everything I could think of to help her. We talked to professional therapists and our family doctor, but she just seemed to get worse. The nightmares begun to happen every night and were more intense. She would wake up screaming, “Mommy, make it stop!” My heart would break every time this happened. There was my special little girl suffering and there was nothing I could do to make it go away for her.

One day a therapist handed me Angélica Amaral’s number and told me it was for a different kind of therapy called The Emotion Code. I called Angélica and set up an appointment for my daughter and me. After the first couple of sessions, I started to see little changes here and there. She started sleeping a little better, she started talking more to others, and she started interacting with family members once again.

One day, I heard this loud noise coming from the other room. I ran to see what was wrong and when I walked in, I found my daughter rolling on the floor laughing so hard she was crying at the same time. In that moment I realized I was witnessing a miracle! I haven’t heard my daughter laugh in three years! This was the most beautiful sound.

I started to cry and my daughter asked, “Why are you crying, Mommy?” I told her, “I’m so happy for you!” I could see that sparkle back in her eyes. It was like a light was turned back on for her. It was one of the greatest moments in my life.

Since then I have witnessed other improvements: my little girl is no longer mad at herself, she takes better care of herself and her personal belongings, she is able to talk to people she doesn’t know, she has better eating habits, and she has lost forty-one pounds. She was also able to play catch with family and friends the other day for about twenty minutes. She had never been able to catch a ball before and everyone was amazed at how she was able to do it with both hands and without missing one!

Thank you,

This testimonial was originally published in Angélica Amaral’s Practitioner Spotlight.

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