I guess I have always known that I had a Heart-Wall (and that it was made out of brick) because I could never truly let anyone “in.” I knew that it kept me protected, to never be hurt like I had been ever again.

I started my Heart-Wall at the age of 14 with “my first love,” and he hurt and betrayed me very deeply. My Mom told me that for months I walked around as if I wasn’t in my own body and that I lost all interest in everything that I did. She had to tell me all this, as it was a very fuzzy part of my life.

From there on out, I never let anyone get real close to my heart—and unfortunately, that also included my husband. I loved him enough to marry him, but I just couldn’t let him in all the way, so our marriage suffered and we eventually divorced. It led to depression, addiction, and no friends to really speak of because I didn’t trust anyone to be there when I truly needed them.

Fast-forward twenty-four years, and I still had this Heart-Wall. I just kept attracting the same kind of man who would not be there for me emotionally. There had to be something wrong with me, is what I thought.

Dr. Brad, you have a wonderful Emotion Code Practitioner named Carston Shields. I begged him to please remove my Heart-wall. It took us two sessions to get through it, after verifying that it was in fact made of brick and was twenty-five miles thick. I am surprised that we did this in two sessions, to be quite honest.

I felt instantly lighter and it gave me the brand-new focus that I had been searching for, and that was, “What is my real purpose in life? Why am I here?”

I just knew that God had something great planned for my life and that it would make a huge difference in our world and more importantly, to the people I would serve. God intended me to be a healer. Not just a healer, but a holistic healer. I want to personally thank you for this program and for teaching others like Carston how to use it for people like me, who thought they would go the rest of their lives all tied up in knots just from a Heart-Wall!!

– Jodi W.