When I found The Emotion Code book, it had been about six months since I had my first heart attack. I had two in one month, in addition to liver and kidney attacks. My doctor told me I had two days to live and suggested I stay with my parents so I was not alone when I died.

I kept doing energy healing which maintained me on some level. I was depleted from enzymes which were drawing from the organs, and I was depleted of B12. This was in addition to everything else. I did my best to maintain myself. Stopped some stressful issues (my body couldn’t deal with them anyway). I found the book and I borrowed it.

It took me three months to study it because my focus and concentration were extremely weak. However, I would read a little, do it in my mind, and when I had it perfect, I would move to the next chapter. When I did The Emotion Code on someone for the first time, it was as if I had always done it. Came to me very easily and effortlessly.

Now, all my organs are in many folds better, my Heart-Wall has been released. It took a long time to get my health to this level. Thank God I am fine now!

– Tahereh Ashchi, CBCP (Florida, USA)

This testimonial was originally published in Tahareh Ashchi’s Practitioner Spotlight.

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