“After three Emotion Code® sessions, I have seen significant physical changes. For example, the sore irritation in my knee is gone and my hip discomfort has diminished significantly. I have no neck or shoulder tension or suffering. The ovary discomfort is gone, puffiness in my face has diminished, and I have much more love and gratitude in my heart! I feel free and light and other people are noticing changes in me too. I am forever grateful I have found this system to use to help others!

About mid-way through reading the book, I became so incredibly fascinated and passionate about The Emotion Code that I knew I wanted to become a practitioner! I just want to help other people live happy lives free of suffering, and this is how I can do just that. So here I am, signed up for The Emotion Code certification program. 🙂

My husband John has had two Emotion Code sessions so far. During his second session, his mother (an angel) appeared to assist with the process. He was blown away to say the least because he hadn’t even read the book yet! She had several messages to help him restore wellness and move forward. One of her most powerful messages was that she was responsible for leading us to an Emotion Code practitioner so we could both regain our health! I found this to be incredibly powerful! I knew this happens as it is described in The Emotion Code book, but when it happens first hand, it becomes very real. As I reflected back to a month ago when I decided to become a practitioner myself, I thought that maybe my mother-in-law had everything to do with that decision. My husband has many layers to go in The Emotion Code process, but he is feeling lighter, free from burdens, much happier so far. The best is yet to come for him!”

~Krista M, USA

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