“My daughter Gabrielle would always cry and shut down at school when she was facing a school work problem that she didn’t understand or found difficult. This had been happening since she started primary school. She is now 11 and it happened in her first week at secondary school and I thought, this can’t keep happening. She would experience an overwhelming feeling that would rise up and culminate into her bursting into tears and then just shutting down, unable to continue with her work. Teachers would always comment about it and would try different strategies to try to stop it from happening, but nothing really worked. By the time she had her last episode, I had come across The Emotion Code®, so I practiced on her. The Trapped Emotions that surfaced were nervousness, worry, failure and not feeling good enough. Since releasing those emotions, she has not had an episode and approaches her schoolwork with a new found confidence and no more tears!”

~Melanie Henry, Great Britain

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