“I just had begun to use The Emotion Code® on myself when I met a woman whose baby had a fever every week and had a terrible time sleeping. One day, the woman was crying intensely because she was told by a cardiologist that there might be something wrong with the baby’s heart. He heard a heart noise and thought it could be serious.

I instantly felt that I should do an Emotion Code session on the baby. I asked permission and worked to release emotions from the baby, messaging the results to the mother. The next day, the mother told me that the baby had slept through the night, which she had never done before. Two days later, they visited with the doctor and there was no irregular heart noise to be found. The baby seemed completely fine! It was so amazing. That was my first experience with The Emotion Code outside of my family and I decided to get better at using it. I did a few more sessions on the baby girl and now she sleeps very well each night. I am very grateful and know that using The Emotion Code is a very rewarding thing to do.”

~Julia G., Germany

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