“My cat Shadow has always been a bit demanding of attention. He would meow incessantly, seeking attention. But after his sibling was taken by a coyote, he became extremely nervous, meowing and crying all the time. It was heartbreaking.

I picked him up one day and set him on the shelf of the cat tree. He was crying and constantly moving, in a very anxious state. I started using the Emotion Code® on him and after the third trapped emotion was cleared, Shadow dropped down onto his side and began batting at the stuffed mouse hanging on the cat tree!

I burst into tears at the sudden change from anxious cat to play mode kitty! It was such a contrast to his prior emotional state. He’s had two more sessions since then and he is now a peaceful kitty. He meows a greeting but is not frantic like before. The change is phenomenal.”

~Gail Beauregard, California, USA

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