I read one of The Emotion Code and The Body Code testimonials and learned an incredible thing from one of them—our organs have walls… This is an amazing discovery, as in the last five months of clearing Trapped Emotions and other problems I still kept having issues, until I started removing walls from all of my organs recently… My best friend nutritionist started doing the same thing on herself and her family… The result—a complete relief from left-over problems.

It’s usually one or two emotions involved, always inherited, sometimes from mom’s side, sometimes from dad’s, sometimes both, just keep asking,  “Did we remove the wall?” or “Does the organ still has a wall?”, etc… You’ll be surprised to find out that hair, nails, inner ear, middle ear, just ears, nose, bones, lymph, cells, glands, organs, eyes with all their parts separately—all can have walls!!!! Good luck removing them. It really doesn’t take that long—but it feels so much better to be free of them… You can just follow all of the names of the glands and organs in the code having a chart of emotions in front of you:)

Also, if you see that every time you do The Body Code or The Emotion Code, you get entities involved—heal your intestines and nervous system, as the holes in both cause them to come back.

Natalya ~ Maple Grove, MN

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