“Olga is a 17-year-old girl who was born without knowing her father. When she was 10 years old, her mother decided to do a DNA test and then, after proving paternity, to ask the father to take some responsibility to help raise her. The father did help out financially, but never wanted to be in touch or know his daughter.

When Olga was 11 years old, she started to cut herself and was thinking about committing suicide. She developed terrible tension, and when she spoke, it was literally as if she were eating her words. Nobody could understand her.

It was clear that she had a huge Heart-Wall, with many, many trapped emotions. With the help of The Emotion Code®, we have been working on releasing them and over the three sessions that we did, she is doing much, much better. She is more confident and smiling. On the 0 to 10 scale, she is now down to only a 2.5.

We talked a lot about the situation, about life, and about how she needed to be thankful for the man who is her father. He is the one who gave her life and now she has the opportunity to grow spiritually, to be brave, to keep going, and to trust herself. He is the one losing out by not having a relationship with her.

I realized how important is to understand a family’s background, how people can suffer and feel lost when they are rejected, and all the consequences that come with that. I’m very happy and positive about Olga because I’m sure from now on, she will find her path…”

~Silvana Bighetti Bozza, Italy

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