“My Heart-Wall was cleared last spring. I met a certain practitioner unexpectedly but at the perfect time. I was ready to let go of what was holding me back in my life. In fact, I had been introspective for all of my adult life, trying to do that very thing. Over the past 15 years, I had been a massage therapist, Reiki practitioner, transformational nutrition coach and also received training in shamanic healing arts. I worked to engage and transform my hidden patterns, but it was The Emotion Code® that finally brought me to the source of them. It was a magnificent experience that motivated me to receive my own certification.

My favorite success story while applying The Emotion Code is from working with a former massage client, who I knew always struggled with a particular location in her body. Over the years, this was a frustration because it is a frequent phenomenon for clients of massage practitioners to encounter consistent and recurring physical discomfort patterns in the body. In the past years, I sought a modality that could focus on the underlying emotional causes.

I offered this service to a former client by proxy, as we now live in different areas. By proxy, I was able to work with her and clear her Heart-Wall. One source of the pattern of physical discomfort between her shoulders was found to be an inherited trapped emotion she received from her father. More excitedly, I also was able to help her track the trapped emotion that was keeping her stuck in the pattern of attracting love relationships that she would always end up resenting. Resentment was actually the final emotion to fall from her Heart-Wall.”

~Jaime Rothbard, Costa Rica

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