“I have been deathly allergic to horses my entire life. I used The Emotion Code® and released inherited trapped emotions from 15 and 23 generations ago. This was so bad that my grandmother actually died from anaphylaxis.

Three days after these inherited trapped emotions were released from me, I went to work with a horse. No one had been able to figure out what was wrong with him and why he kept laying down so much. I used The Emotion Code to release trapped emotions from him.

I was around three horses for about an hour and a half. They were all rubbing against my head, face and arms, and later, not even a sneeze came from me. The horse I worked on was also relieved of his symptoms within about 30 minutes, and to this day lays down only the normal amount of time. Now he runs and plays with his friends and he’s able to carry a rider. The Emotion Code helped us both tremendously!!”

~Marsha Davis, USA

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