My daughter and I have found that after releasing several emotions we feel lighter and happier. Sometimes we really like it when we are required to get more information in order to release an emotion because that has been very enlightening information to have.
My husband had excruciating neck pain one evening. He agreed to go through The Emotion Code process with me. This was one of those times where more information was required before the emotion would release. We discovered after many yes and no answers via muscle testing, that a situation he went through during the week was emotionally similar to an experience he went through 20 years ago triggering that trapped emotion. Once we released the emotion, his neck felt better and better and upon waking the next morning, it was completely gone!
Last week, a customer came into the store with lower back pain. After showing her several products, I told her about The Emotion Code and how we could attempt to release that emotion today. She voluntarily agreed since she had nothing to lose and it wouldn’t cost her anything. Before we started, her pain was at an eight. After we released the first emotion, her pain went down to a seven. After we released the second emotion, her pain went down to a four. After we released the third and final emotion, her pain went down to a three. She left feeling cautiously relieved, wondering if this pain would quickly return. She came back to the shop the next day to tell me she still felt so much better!

~Becky A.