“I discovered The Emotion Code® and Dr. Nelson a little bit over a year ago. I was struggling a lot with self worth and financial issues. At that time I was also unsure about my business and career, unsure about my true life’s purpose. Then I learned how to muscle test and about The Emotion Code. I have felt the real and unbeatable results that it created from that moment. I am sure that this is my life’s purpose, to use it and to teach it. Within a year of first hearing about The Emotion Code, I was able to meet Dr. Brad and Jean at the seminar in Bangkok. It was one of the best days of my life so far.

I am a Pole. History in Poland was very harsh for many people. Our parents and ancestors experienced lots of trauma for centuries. Polish people need The Emotion Code and they need it to be taught in the Polish language. That’s the reason I want to become an Emotion Code practitioner. I use The Emotion Code for myself and my family and friends daily. It is the best way to spend time.”

~Aleksandra D., UK

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