My dysfunctional family as a child contributed to gross misunderstandings and a real hardship in learning to give and receive love. I was blessed to give birth to 9 children and loved them intensely but seemed to struggle the older they became. My insecurity as a child filtered down to my children and made for very volatile relationships. My Heart-Wall was sadness. I had inherited sadness from a great-great grandmother. She had buried a 9-year-old child. I remembered seeing that picture as a young girl. When we lost our two sons over a period of 10 years, I realized through The Emotion Code that I was sharing her sadness and giving it weight in my own life. It was a sheer weight lifted to identify this generational sadness and release it. The Emotion Code brought a change of view. I find I’m available to my living children now. I am finding a joy in life that I was unaware existed! I look forward to seeing more personal growth in years to come thanks to the tool of The Emotion Code.

~Susie Adams