I identified three issues that I suspected were being blocked from healing by a Heart-Wall despite years of other therapies. They were Kyphosis (which I knew was not a ‘poor posture’ issue), Dysthymia (diagnosed many years earlier as ‘sub-clinical depression’ that lightened from time to time, but never really disappeared) along with the low energy/vitality levels that go with that condition and finally, pain in my right groin area that a massage therapist had told me seemed to be the psoas muscle acting up.

It took three sessions to clear the Heart-Wall and the Trapped Emotions cleared included three emotions dating from a failed romance in the first session, three emotions related to being single and childless in the second session, and five emotions (three of them inherited) relating to grief, heartache, humiliation, anxiety and feeling unsupported from the final session.

Even before the final session, I began to feel things shifting in my upper back – released tension in the muscles and connective tissue. I suddenly had the vitality to ‘stand and sit tall’ and the physical and mental energy to be more focused and to accomplish a lot more each day. The dysthymia seems to have evaporated and I can walk and climb stairs vigorously without pain in the right groin.

My therapist noticed the difference in my body as soon as she saw me. In Canada, Osteopaths work in the traditional way of doing body work. The Osteopath I visited after completely releasing my Heart-Wall commented on the changes she could perceive in my upper back and how much more open my chest is.

I feel like a whole new, happier, taller, pain-free person and am thrilled about it.

Melia ~ Canada

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