In November 2011, I had a pacemaker put in. I had a third degree heart block, and the lower chambers in my heart weren’t working the way they were supposed to. After learning about The Emotion Code and The Body Code, I had a Body Code healing session and removed a Heart-Wall in July 2016.

In August 2016, I went to my heart doctor for my annual checkup on my pacemaker. They hooked me up to this machine that tells them about my heart, and how my pacemaker is working, and how long it will last. They told me that a ventricle in my heart had started working that was not working before. They were able to turn down my pacemaker (making it last longer) and told me that I would need less oxygen.

I’ve been on oxygen for one and a half years. This is a miracle. My doctor gave me a weird look as he was leaving. He probably never seen anything like this before. I can’t wait to tell him about the Body Code.

God did this through Dr. Bradley Nelson. I know his findings and what he has learned is from up above!

– Evelyn Rost (Nebraska, USA)