“It was 2 years ago in Taiwan when I encountered this amazing healing method, The Emotion Code®. I’ve suffered from serious sad feelings for almost 10 years and nothing could help me stop the negative thinking and emotions in my head and I couldn’t sleep every night. It almost broke me down. I tried to kill myself twice but didn’t succeed. I used to think that my life sucked and was meaningless and only had suffering. I tried many healing methods like Reiki, EFT etc… but the effect was limited. Then I found The Emotion Code® and started to use it 2 years ago. Since then, the negative emotions and thinking that had been stuck in my head are now 90% gone. It’s not just suddenly resolved, but my sadness and insomnia were more like a process to find myself, love myself and finally heal myself. Now I’m totally free from sadness and a Heart-Wall. I am so grateful for being happy again and feel that life is good. I can’t thank you enough for The Emotion Code and everything. Now I am full of joy and happiness inside and want to help people who maybe have the same problems that I did. I realize that every suffering from my past is all meaningful and precious.”

~Tian-Yu, Taiwan

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