A friend called me feeling scared. He is a paraplegic and just recently broke his back again when he fell out of a wheelchair and had to have major surgery. The area where they did the surgery was not healing. I tested the toxicity level at 83% and was able to drop it to 40%. The next morning it was up to 43%. I asked the Lord how to get it down more. The idea came to me to ask God to identify the harmful bacteria and then to do a Spirit-Body Disconnect on it and in less than a minute it had dropped to 23%! The next day my friend told me he wondered what was going on because all of a sudden he had all of this strength come into his hands and forearms and said to himself, “What the heck is going on! They felt better than they have felt in years; they feel ripped!”

This also works well with sore throats!

– Robin Naylor (Washington, USA)