“Two months ago, I was introduced to Hazel and I allowed her to work with me on a couple of issues.  Initially, I was having pain in the ball of my right foot and when I would exercise by running, this pain would become so intense, I would have to stop.  As an avid runner, this issue was incredibly frustrating to deal with. Not having insurance, a visit to the doctor would have cost hundreds of dollars and even though I would not run on the foot for a couple of months to heal it, the pain would immediately come back when I would try to run on it again.  Hazel established her proxy with me and I can legitimately say that I have had no problems with running since.  From the time that she worked on me until today, I have been enjoying running on my foot at least twice a week now and have had no worries about pain or similar issues coming up while doing so.  I really can’t explain in a scientific sense what she did; all I know is that it worked and I am so pleased to know I can go for a run without having a nagging feeling that I might injure myself.

Secondly, during her proxy work, Hazel identified that I had a “Heart-Wall” blockage.  She mentioned that this may have been a cause for some blockage with my acting career.  I agreed to have her do a couple sessions with this and I can truly say I am amazed at what has transpired since.  I have had more auditions suddenly come in from seemingly out of nowhere – that is, I have effectively had 4 times the number of auditions than I normally was having over the past two months.  Of those auditions, I have booked two lead roles, one of those being a national commercial.

Though this is impressive in and of itself, what’s more important to me, I have noticed, is the way people are now relating to me and I to them.  It’s as if, indeed, a “wall” has come down that was blocking me from being able to establish quick and genuine rapport with people when I first meet them.  They, in turn, now seem to feel more comfortable with who I am and open up more easily.  It’s been a truly wonderful experience noticing the difference between what was happening before to what is happening now.  Am I the same person before her work?  I believe I am.  Am I doing anything off-the-wall different than what I was doing before?  No, I don’t think so.  But “something” did change and I feel as if I’m being “noticed” now.  Consequently, my desire to want to be more engaging with people has dramatically increased (it “feels” easier to do now) and I’m much more comfortable doing so.  This, I believe, is the real gift that Hazel’s work has done for me and I am ever so grateful for her and her amazing work.” – TOM, story sent in by Hazel Markou

The week before X-mas I was one week to a wonderful seminar in Germany. But suddenly my left leg became big and it hurts.
So I called my husband at home. I was testing with a tensor and my beloved husband clicked on the mind map pdf from the Body Code, what I had tested.

I do all the requested things from the mind map and the next day my leg was totally healed. Isn’t it wonderful?
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
-Beate Heilpraktikerin

I wanted to say thank you for the webinar on panic and anxiety.  I just got my certification certificate yesterday and was also able to listen in on the webinar. I was truly blessed when Dr. Brad worked on me. I had a severe panic a year or so ago when my blood pressure shot up really high and I ended up in the hospital. It really scared me and I have been dealing since with side effects and changes in meds, etc.  Then I found the emotion code and immediately began to clear trapped emotions including my heart wall. I chose to take the certification course and continued to work on others and myself with great results.  Just last week I had to make an appointment to renew my prescriptions.  Immediately I felt tension at the thought of going to the doctors.  My Naturopath and I have been working diligently on side effects and emotional releases but I knew there was just something I wasn’t getting too.  Dr. Brad immediately found an inherited emotion and released it.  Since finding the Emotion Code I have joined a gym and work out everyday and that is quite a change at my age of 63. I am fit and feel healthy and my goal is to get off this last med- so here’s hoping things will continue to improve. Will keep you posted!! Thanks again!!!

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