Testimonial sent in by Emotion Code Betsy Lambert

My client, 85-year-old Paul B., is recovering from a hip replacement and has Type II diabetes as well as a significant hearing impairment. In his first Emotion Code session, we worked only on his hip pain and limping, which subsequently improved significantly, and this is the letter he wrote to me the day after his second session when we worked on releasing emotions related to all three complaints:

Dear Betsy,

Wow!!! Today I walked all over the place in a trip to San Marcos with my wife to run errands. I felt like running. I climbed stairs for the first time since the accident.

I heard every word spoken at the office in San Marcos and every word spoken by my wife since our phone call session. My TV sound level no longer sends whoever is with me to Cincinnati, Ohio.

AND my blood sugar level had dropped 17 points since this morning even though I’ve been eating my normal food.

What else can I say except here is a check for my session and my wife’s upcoming sessions with you. Truly, money is not the answer to how we feel about our contact with you. But it’s at least a start. More coming. Much love. – Paul B.