“It was in August this year (2012) that I was left feeling very helpless, a dear friend and family member of mine lost his mobility through progressive Multiple Sclerosis, this condition has been with him since the age of 18 and it has finally progressed to stage 2. The doctors had advised us that “nothing” more can be done, his brain is shrinking and as you know, there is no cure for MS, all we can do is provide the care he needs to live his life as normally as possible. He is 34 years old and is my cousin, he probably has another 50 plus years ahead of him – how can this be the only option? After being pumped full of steroids his body rejected his medication, which was simply masking his MS and not actually getting to the root cause and curing it…and that’s the bit that didn’t quite ‘stick’ with me….they say there is no cure for MS, but my belief system told me there is, we have just been looking in the wrong places. It was when I made the pledge to look deeper and make a commitment to help my cousin that I was blessed by being introduced to Hazel and The Body Code. She confirmed my belief that MS (and in fact any other conditions that plague the body and mind) are usually a result of emotions and energies that are then created by those emotions leading to both mental and physical challenges and eventually manifest themselves through medical conditions.

After just 4 weeks of being “treated” through the Body Code, my cousin started to feel and look more energized. He had movement in his arms and legs again. He is able to sit up straight and communicate with us – all the things we take for granted that were taken away from him started to show signs of recovery. I had family and friends who were generally very cautious and cynical about such “alternative” treatments, amazed.

As with every journey in life, the road is never smooth. My cousin unfortunately contracted an infection which led to a type of meningitis and was recently taken into critical care, where he was fighting for his life. Hazel, once again worked on all the aspects and imbalances that were causing my cousin’s infection, seizures etc. I can only say that through the help of prayers, the medical staff and Hazel, my cousin turned the corner, but was left slightly brain damaged. This was affecting his ability to speak, so once again Hazel stepped in and I can honestly say that within 24 hours, my cousin spoke (pretty much against all odds).

He is now rehabilitating and we all know that his journey will not be a smooth one. But to know and see how something quite profound and which makes total sense has probably saved my cousin’s life has given us hope that one day he will walk again and will be cured of a condition which “there is no cure for”. I urge you not to accept those fatal words, because it’s when you believe those words, you are defeated. There is always a cure, you just need to look elsewhere!” – Shanaz

I would like to add that I have no doubts that our Divine Creator and all the Archangels were with me when I carried out the session looking for imbalances that were causing my client’s inability to speak. My room was alive with energy from the spirits and I have never felt as humbled as I felt when I heard he had started speaking again. It is common for people who have experienced this wonderful modality to thank Dr Brad and I would like to add my deepest thanks, but also to thank the spirits that guided him to develop this system in the first place. – Hazel Markou (Certified Body Code Practitioner)

Testimonial sent in by Hazel Markou