– Debbie B.
So far, I have felt “lighter”. After the first session I was shocked to find that I could look in the mirror and feel acceptance of myself rather that negativity, which has always been my response. I have tried for many, many, years to change my perception of myself, but have been unable to do so without your help. Very cool!! I also can breathe deeply “better” without “catching” on the inhalation and exhalation. Again, something I could not do on my own, but was improved with your help. I look forward to the third session.

Rose Elena Lynn
I read Dr. Bradley’s book in June of 2011. I read in his book about how the Emotion Code can work on animals. I thought it was funny. I told my stepdaughter that we can work on our animals, as most of them are adopted, strays or runts of the litter. I shared some of the stories in the book with her. We were laughing. We decided to try it. My stepdaughter has a Siamese long-hair rag-doll cat, Lillie. I had my stepdaughter hold Lillie and I would test my stepdaughter. I found it so funny to ask Lillie so directly to her, though I do talk to animals all the time, especially with horses. When I started to ask Lillie the questions, she looked me directly in my eyes and meowed. Wow! She knew I understood her. We cleansed emotions of abandonment, loneliness, feeling of unloved, and cleared her Heart-Wall. To this day Lillie talks to my stepdaughter all the time. It seems that when we connected with her, understood her, she was able to get her own voice. Now we can’t seem to get her to keep quiet. It was fun! I have worked on all of our dogs as well, but those are for another day.

– Gai
I have two lovely stories to share about working with animals.

#1: “Chum”
Several years ago, I was speaking with a friend on the telephone and about to finish the conversation, when I was nudged to share with her the Emotion Code. I wasn’t sure that she would be receptive to the idea, however, I followed that inner nudge. After explaining what it was, how it worked and the benefits, I also shared that it could be done by proxy.

She was a bit interested but didn’t pepper me with questions, so the conversation moved on. She told me about her old dog, Chum, who hadn’t been able to walk on one foreleg for about three weeks. She’d taken him to the vet a couple times, had examinations, X-rays and testing, to find that there was nothing apparent for a cause.

Again, following the inner nudge, I asked if she’d like to see how the Emotion Code worked and that with her permission I’d “work” on Chum. She agreed. I had not worked on a animal via proxy/distance before, so I was as curious as she was!

Chum had three trapped emotions which had been set into place three weeks earlier: 1) panic, due to being out on the farm property and coming across some coyotes; 2) fear, due to being frightened of what they might do to him; and 3) shame, due to running home and not standing up to the coyotes, even though he was an elderly dog at the time.

After these three trapped emotions were released, my friend went outside and called to Chum. And then there was stone silence. I asked if she and or Chum were okay. More silence. And then she said, “I don’t believe it!” Chum was up walking on all four feet. She called her other dogs and they raced to Chum, who then took off running and playing with them, with no sign of pain, limping or refusing to use his foreleg. This was a blessing for sweet Chum—and his human family!

#2: “Riley”
My uncle had a little Jack Russell Terrier dog, who although elderly, was very feisty. He went outside one day and didn’t return for quite a while, which was a little unusual. Their neighbour was suddenly at the door with Riley, covered in blood, in her arms.

The neighbour had seen Riley suddenly appear out of nowhere on the busy highway down at the end of her road, so she raced down to get him. The marks on his little body were consistent with an eagle’s talons—Riley had been picked up by a bald eagle, had clearly struggled and been dropped onto the road. After his ordeal, Riley refused to eat, was frightened to go outside and was generally fearful. He had some punctures and scrapes, but amazingly, no broken bones and no life-threatening issues.

My aunt and uncle are elderly and not necessarily open to “off-beat” practices like the Emotion Code. However, their love and concern for Riley compelled them to give it a try. This was a remote/proxy session but without anyone on the telephone.

I identified panic, fear and helplessness, which were all released. When I talked to my aunt a few days later, she said that shortly after his proxy session, Riley had taken a great interest in food again, and was no longer fearful to go outside. Everyone was greatly relieved and thankful to have their wee companion healed of his fears and able to live and enjoy his life once more.

It is humbling to be able to assist both people and our wee companions on their life journeys!