A woman who I worked with who had a legal case with her ex-employers who unfairly dismissed her, received a letter of apology from them after completing 3 sessions with me. She was SURE that it was the release of the old emotions that caused her to bring in this experience.

Another woman who experienced a ton of guilt and felt like she had to soothe everyone’s burdens discovered that her twin had died in the womb (through our sessions). She has felt an incredible uplifting of her burdens and feels like she can now say no to people and hold her boundaries.

Another woman’s back pain completely disappeared after one session (pain she had had for years) and we weren’t even working on her back pain issues!

Two sisters who had a lot of TE’s around the birth of the younger child significantly stopped fighting with one another after clearing TE’s in both girls. – Muneeza A.

I recently lunched with some healers in my area. We utilized the amega wand during lunch. Then I watched Dr. Brad’s video from the store and decided to purchase this item. I’m in the process of getting EC certified, but I also own the BC. I have an 83 year old friend that fell about 3 weeks ago and ended up in a nursing home. I’d been working with him via proxy with the EC and the BC – he seemed to be progressing. Last Friday, 2/15 he called distraught – ready to die. That was the day I received my wand.

His main problem was in his left leg and he was bed bound without mobility. I’ve continued using the BC with him, plus I added the wand over the weekend. On the morning of 2/18, I proxied him an asked 3 questions – Can the EC help? NO, Can the BC help? NO, Can the Amega Help? YES.

I proceeded to use the wand for 60 turns on all the spots from the instructions, but I did 120 turns on the 3 spots for his left leg. 2/19 he’s out of bed using a walker and going to therapy. Dr. Brad, if I had not watch your video after my luncheon. I’m sure he would have died. – Suz S.