For the past four years I have had some negative feelings toward a married couple I know. Negative to the point that I couldn’t see them or even hear their names without wanting to scream. I had let this build up for way too long. So I tried the The Emotion Code backwards. Instead of finding the emotion first, then asking where it came from, I asked if I had any trapped emotions about, from, or toward these people. I cleared eight emotions and felt an immediate change. I no longer have any negative thoughts or feelings towards them. I never liked feeling this way and I could not get control of my emotions. I am so grateful for Dr. Nelson and The Emotion Code. Deciding to take control of my life and remove those trapped emotions was not only healing, but it was the most empowering thing I have ever done in my life. – Rachel P.

Learning that I don’t have control of anyone else and letting go of my own issues has been transformational. Loving myself, and being kind to myself is freeing. –Leialoha P.

In January I had a generational emotion of “unworthiness” released from my Father’s side – it amazed me because I would have expected it from my Mother’s side (German teenager growing up during the wars). It turns out that my Dad’s Dad (my grandfather) was part of a children share cropping program during the depression – he was farmed out to other families because his family could not afford to take care of him and work the fields (maybe he felt unworthiness of a good family and getting help?) Once I heard about that story I cried deeply. Physically, the constant pain behind my right knee and lower back piriformis area is down to a 1-2. I enjoy long walks again now. –Michelle M.

I used to categorize myself and the people around me. Now I feel and act as a spirit among spirits. I even care for people who are, or were, enemies. I am being healed from hating people. – Rachid Z.

A friend who lives very close to a big theme park was scheduled to take a group of teens to the park. There was lots of “teen girl” drama and when we spoke she had head pressure at a level 10. She was not looking forward to the day. She needed a drink of water and then we cleared out the TE of disgust and that’s all it took. The headache went away and she felt calm. They are at the park now. I hope its fun for all. – Leslie N.