I first heard about The Emotion Code in February of 2010 on a webinar where Dr. Nelson was talking about the Emotion Code. I started using it on myself and friends immediately. I bought the special Dr. Nelson had with the webinar, which gave me the seminar tapes for TEC, two tickets to a seminar and the Body Code. I have played with the Body Code without any real training. I listened to some webinars. In Dec. of 2012, I learned about Healing Touch and have been working on getting my certification. I got my TEC certification in January of 2013. I have been using TEC a lot, mostly long distance. I use the Body Code along with it. My Healing Touch mentor has been fighting cellulitis for two years. I offered to do the BC on her and she accepted. This was done at my convenience, long distance. Then I wrote her what I’d found and cleared. She has noticed a difference and wants me to continue working on her behalf. She totally doesn’t understand it, but she has noticed an improvement and wants continued assistance.

I have a massage therapist whom I exchange treatments with. I have had excellent results with my Healing Touch on her. But when I started with the BC for her, things really started changing. She told me she was walking around her house saying, “WOW!” And then she said, “I don’t go around saying that”. Being an energy healer herself, she understands how to listen to her body and she compliments my work for her by dealing with the issues and events when they come to mind as she is led. She has recommended me to some of her friends whom I am now assisting. I am so grateful for the Body Code and the Emotion Code. I am so thankful to have it available to me and that it is so easy to use. It works so well with Healing Touch and other energy modalities. I find it so complimentary with other modalities. But, it so often stands alone and all I need do is pray to complete the session. Truly life changing and life direction changing. I enjoy helping and assisting others. My confidence is growing with the positive feedback from clients and friends. I know the healing process is a process. It is so wonderful to have this fabulous “manual” as a tool to do God’s work. I thank God for directing Dr. Nelson in this work and am grateful that Dr. Nelson listened to God’s call to put it in a form that is so easily learned and used by others. This is the most complete form of energy healing that I have come across. It is so wonderful. Thank you, Dr. Nelson and all those who have supported you in this service to the world. – Paula P.

Well, I have been struggling with emotions for a while and a friend suggested the Emotion Code. I got the book but I couldn’t fully understand it and then the other day Dr. Bradley Nelson sent me a copy of the webinar and I listened and watched his presentation and something just clicked! Monday came and felt rubbish, I didn’t feel right at all, Tuesday was the same, I came home determined to use the Emotion Code, and guess what I tried it on myself, and my body was more than ready to help ME! I managed to work on some issues that were making me feel rubbish and they weren’t even mine, but getting rid off them was so amazingly easy, OMG! I was able to talk to my inner ME which new exactly what was bothering me, and we got rid of it with a magnet how easy was that? And the best part was it cost me nothing. So again, thank for teaching me this, sometimes the money issues stops us from learning but you have managed to explain and share it with so many of us that can’t afford to go to therapist or seminars, you have truly shared God’s gift, thank you!  – Patty