My first session with The Emotion Code involved my own child. She called me and said “Mom! I am hurting and I can’t take a deep breath,” I happened to be in her driveway and rushed in her house. Her pain was an 8… She could only take very shallow breaths. I remember that it was an inherited emotion, because on the seventh sweep it was gone…I saw the expression change on her face, and the surprise in her eyes. Her child witnessed it too. This is such an amazing technique! – Jill Morris

My first exposure to The Emotion Code was about a year ago. A person heard I had metatarsalgia, inflammation of the balls of my feet, I was comfortable only in rocker bottom shoes. This had been going on for 13 years, and 7 doctors, including 2 podiatrists, had been unable to diagnose it. I was Googling every foot term I ran across, and had finally hit on the right thing 4-5 years ago. This person offered to do The Emotion Code & I was quite willing. Most of the issues – the worst were anger & hatred – were from when I was 5, which was when I had polio. I have not worn rocker bottom shoes since that day & I have no pain! I have since worked with a practitioner & cleared my Heart-Wall, which started at infinity miles thick! I *love* The Emotion Code! – Barbara Tharp

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