“My father passed away when I was 16 and I’ve struggled with that for most of my adult life, I found about Hazel through my wife’s friend who suggested I give this “body coding” thing a go. Now I’m about as cynical as they come, but agreed to be open minded and give it a go. When I was told I didn’t need to physically be in attendance and it was all done via the phone or Skype I was, if I’m honest, even more skeptical about how this could ever work. I’m so so glad I kept an open mind.

If you’ve not done this before it feels a little weird to begin with, Hazel connects to your subconscious and asks a host of questions, to which you do not need to answer, I won’t give all the mystery away, so you will have to find out the rest yourself. Now to the layman reading this it’s easy to close this site and get back to facebook. Please don’t.

Hazel finished the session and suggested I may feel a little “hung-over” later in the day and to sip water. Within an hour I was led on the sofa feeling rather wasted. Without realising it at first, something else happened over the coming days. I actually felt better… no awful visions, absent minded thoughts, upset. I had some control.

I had 3 sessions in total and I actually feel human again.  My wife has also noticed a considerable difference in my moods and level of engagement with her.  I’m still not exactly sure how it works (despite Hazel explaining it each time), to be honest I don’t care how it works, all I know is that it works. Everything Hazel said would happen has happened.

I mentioned in my last session to Hazel that I had a groin strain from cricket; she said body coding could help. So I gave it a go (today). It’s 5 hours since I had it and my groin has stopped aching and hurting.

In the modern world when we are only supposed to believe in proven science, this kind of thing isn’t “supposed” to work. I’m an atheist, only believe in things I can actually see and think groin strains should be dealt with by Physiotherapists. In the past 2 weeks the Body Code has proved me wrong on every level.  So if you’re struggling through life and “talking about it” isn’t cutting the mustard, open your mind and give Hazel a call to set up some Body Code.” – sent in by a client of Hazel Markou’s