My story is one of a beautiful, strong spirited, creative daughter who was bullied in middle school, and was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder with anxiety issues. I am so grateful for the Emotion Code, this work is a blessing and is bringing healing into this home, strengthening the recipients to accomplish goals, moving forward to serve our fellow man. Our wee dog Alice has also been a recipient and after 3.5 yrs has stopped barking on Thursday mornings when the garbage truck comes. I cannot tell you what a joy this is. She is so much happier. There is more work to be done, however there is progress that was not there before. I will definitely update until our story is complete. God bless. – Theresa

Here is a quote from a very funny email I have received from a client.
“Thanks so much for the awesome session. I feel really, really great. But what this is for is to tell you something has happened to my car tape deck.  The Fast Forward and Rewind buttons had stopped about two weeks ago and the volume wouldn’t go up or down, but the tape was going just so I could hear it. When I started my car after our session today the tape went, and louder than before. In fact Fast Forward and and Rewind and volume are going again. I have heard that our cars are a reflection of ourselves in as far as what is going on with them and us. My circuitry system was not working properly, so my car’s wasn’t either. Well, anyway, the tape deck is going now.” – Rose Haysom

“I’ve finally got my son back”, was what William’s mum happily told me after we’d done a total of 5 Emotion Code & Body Code sessions.
To be honest, I didn’t know what results to expect when I began doing Emotion Code sessions with William, a busy 3 yr old who’d been assessed as having ‘high functioning autism’. However, because we’d experienced some very pleasing results working with William’s older brother who’d also been assessed at an early age, Mum was keen to see if similar results could also be achieved with William. It’s safe to say that while hopeful, I wasn’t expecting the dramatic improvement that followed…..

When we initially began our EC sessions, William’s main means of communication was through high pitched squeals. These were interspersed with up to 3 daily ‘full on’ screaming sessions as William attempted to make his needs understood.

This behavior was understandably tiring and frustrating for both mother and son. It was as though the real William was ‘locked up’ on the inside, unable to be reached.
Then came a breakthrough – after just 3 EC sessions in which we cleared trapped emotions (many linked to a stressful time where William was hospitalized for tests), William’s screaming sessions had reduced from 3 or 4 times per day to once or twice per week at most.

Needless to say, we all felt very encouraged! At this point I had begun to train as a Body Code Practitioner so that I could have even more tools on hand to maximize our chances of success.

Meanwhile, William’s mum was careful to include natural, non processed foods in his diet as well making changes in the home environment to support his overall health.
After a 4 month break to study the Body Code we were ready to begin sessions with William.

As we continued clearing areas of imbalance that showed up via muscle testing (with William’s mum acting as proxy), it only took another 3 BC sessions before real change became evident in William’s social & emotional development. It was as though the real William was ‘unlocked’ and he began to progress in leaps and bounds.

To fast track forward, William is a noticeably happier boy, now 4 years of age. He no longer screams and communicates his needs by speaking in simple phrases. William can now count to 20 and enjoys playing interactive games on his iPad; he can even spell ‘motorcycle’!

Socially, William is interacting more readily with family members and Day Care staff and enjoys playing games with his brother & sister. The family can now relax and enjoy outings without fear of tantrums.

William’s parents feel excited to see his true potential being revealed – they know he is a normal boy capable of achieving much.
Thinking about how far William has come with the Emotion Code and Body Code in such a short space of time makes me feel a sense of awe; it’s truly a case of, “All things are possible to those who believe.” – Karen Hall