My sister suffered a heart block and had to be airlifted to a hospital to receive a pacemaker. She has suffered panic attacks everyday for over a month since. She lives alone. Yesterday I remembered the Emotion Code so I decided to try it for her. I talked to her today and she said last night was the first time since leaving the hospital that she didn’t have a panic attack. I was surprised at how fast it worked for her. – Sherry Cote

I also have a friend that was having trouble with her son. His behavior was such a problem that he was in a military school. I asked her if I could work on her son, she agreed. After three weeks of working on releasing trapped emotions, almost daily, this young man was excelling at school and his behavior was much better. He eventually graduated and has become a much happier person. – Patty Smith

I had a client who had plantar warts all over the bottom of her feet. She was a single mother who was going to take several weeks off of work to have them surgically removed. The stress was overwhelming for her. No work meant no income. After one very intense session 2 days later they were gone and haven’t come back. – Jennifer Farrar