One of my most dramatic early clients was a middle aged woman who was born in Vietnam and suffered untold abuse and traumatic childhood events during the war that created many trapped emotions. I had done several hypnosis sessions with her, but she kept saying she had this “darkness” in her chest. I had tried several hypnosis approaches to removing this darkness when I asked her if she would allow me to do an Emotion Code clearing for her. She agreed and about three weeks after she called and thanked me. The dark feeling was finally gone after many, many years. She became more aware and open to life. She changed her job and became happier and finally met a man that she could really connect with her. That was when I realized how powerful clearing a Heart-Wall is in changing a person’s life. – Philip La Puma

I would like to share how clearing several Heart-Walls and lots of trapped emotions from myself over the last year has changed my life completely. I noticed after finally clearing the last hidden Heart-Wall that I could finally connect more to other people, myself and God which is something that was very difficult for me to do because of my abusive upbringing. I especially had a very hard time making a positive loving connection to God, making it difficult to have the faith or support I was deeply wanting to have.

After removing many emotions from the Heart-Wall and throughout my body I was able to develop a wonderful loving relationship not only with God but myself. I have always disliked myself, put myself down, suffered from depression and anxiety and never felt good enough. I compared myself to everyone and was extremely judgmental but most of the judgement was toward myself. Since doing this work all of that has disappeared and it is amazing how it has affected every area of my life.

By releasing so many trapped emotions I have given my body room to open up to intuition and all kinds of gifts that were always there but they were buried under this negative energy of emotions. I am discovering gifts I didn’t even know I had and things are becoming easier to do because I don’t have the excess weight of emotions dragging me down.

Since I have cleared some many imbalances in my body it has really changed my whole life and one of those changes is my marriage. I am finding out that we don’t have that much in common but because I have cleared all that hate, anger, resentment, etc, from my body I am able to leave this marriage with compassion. If you knew me before you would have said that was impossible, but not now. Even my soon to be ex is surprised by my attitude of wanting the highest and best good for us both. We have not had one fight since we made this decision and what is so incredible is that we are actually becoming better friends now that we have decided to go our separate ways. We talk everything over from a heartfelt place and has split everything up in a equal manner. My husband is so impressed with how well I have dealt with all of this that he has asked me to start working on him on a regular basis and that is big news. I have worked on him more in the last 2 weeks than the last 2 years, so my positive energy is having a positive effect on him and I am so grateful that God is giving me a chance to help him heal.

I have learned you can not make someone try this work or do it before they are ready, all you can do is work on yourself and be a positive example of how the Emotion and Body Code does make a positive change.

Both the Emotion Code and Body Code have really saved my life and are giving me my real life back. From someone who has suffered with deep depression her whole life and never valued herself or thought she could even have a spiritual connection to source this work has changed it all around for me. I will never be able to thank you enough and I am so grateful that I get to help others who are struggling with similar issues find peace and serenity once again.

Thank you Dr. Brad for listening to your intuition and sharing this wonderful work with the world. We can change the world one person at a time. – Kim Dornbush