Testimonial sent in by Angela Hanna CECP, CBCP

Hi everyone, have a look at a testimonial I received  from a client the very next evening after our session! Please note we also worked on her Heart Chakra Imbalance and made some significant connections. We also found and cleared a negative Broadcast Message and Installed a new one and wow what a difference it has made. The Emotion Code and The Body Code are powerful healing tools that change people’s lives and it is with great gratitude and love that I share this testimonial with you. – Angela Hanna CECP, CBCP

Hi Angela,
Hope you had a wonderful day. I did! I just want to share with you a few things.

I did notice yesterday during the latter part of our session something going on in my chest area. I dismissed it because I had no clue what to really expect. By the end of the evening I felt like a weight had been lifted off of my chest. I felt very lighthearted, if you will, it had continued into the evening and on into today. Obviously, it had to do with my heart chakra being misaligned. I work with the public and I have been known to be standoffish (like I said yesterday, unapproachable…  If you want to know me, YOU will approach me), although I am friendly or I  wouldn’t have been able to make it in this business. Well today I felt more connected in conversations with others. I was joining in where normally I do not (what a nice feeling).

This evening I had a massage appointment. I have been seeing my massage therapist for over two years, we have an established relationship. We both talk about everything. Anyway, I was wanting to share with her about  my session with you yesterday. I know that her and her family could really benefit from your gift as well (I have given your information to several people, hopefully they make appointments). I told her I wanted to share it for her daughter Annie. As I proceeded to tell her about our session, she told me that she could tell there was something very different with me from the first moment that she rounded the corner to greet me (she can read auras). She dismissed it at first because she said that she thought it had something to do with the gift I wanted to give her daughter. She said that usually when she comes into contact with me she gets hit with a wall. She said that this time when she rounded the corner the barrier was gone (my broadcasting of “I’m not approachable”). I found it very fascinating that she was able to feel it from the get go.

While getting my massage, I told her all about our session. She said that it was all beginning to make sense to her now. She also said that my fascia was soooo different today as well. I gave her your information and she is so looking forward to getting in contact with you to schedule appointments for her and her (grown) children.

I am so very excited for our next appointment. I really can’t wait. If I feel this good now, I can only imagine how good I’m going to feel next week. Looking forward to hearing back from you. – Amy  Lloyd