This week, for our Tuesday Testimonials, we have a couple great stories to share with you. So read on and be sure to share with your friends the power of healing through your emotions. If you have a story or testimonial you would like to have featured on Tuesday Testimonials send an email to


Testimonial sent by TEC Certified Practitioner Connie Barton:

My  eyes  are  doing  much  better, everything  is  brighter  and  colors  are  redder, bluer, whiter and  pinker. My  attention  was  drawn  to  myself  and  I  notice  that  I  was  lighter, I  was  grounded,  I  was  stronger  and  there  was space  inside  my  body. My  body  was  not full as  before,  its  like  my  organs  where  laughing and  speaking  to  each  other,  this  feels  very  good. Thank you very much for your healings my dear, and I’m doing very well. ~ Hilda


‘The Power of Releasing Trapped Inherited Emotions’ sent to us by Hazel Markou

I am just completing my certification to become an Emotion Code Practitioner.  During the course of doing the case study sessions I have been blessed to facilitate many extraordinary changes in both humans and animals.  One stands out though as showing the power of releasing trapped emotions.

One of my case study sessions was for a friend whose aged mother has an alert mind but is physically doing very poorly and consequently her understandable frustrations make her very fractious; most people avoided her due to her abrupt and angry communications.  Additionally, she refused to call my friend on the telephone unless it was to complain about something.

During the session  amongst the trapped emotions I released were three inherited emotions of Hatred, Vulnerability and Unworthy that came from my friend’s mother and all went back for at least 10 generations.  He rang me the following a few days later to say that his mother had started to telephone him for a friendly chat each day starting from the evening of our session early in the afternoon.  Her mood and the topics she chose to talk about have been completely normal, almost verging on happy, and without any of her normal complaining.  There was nothing that he could attribute this change to apart from the Emotion Code session.  Nothing else had changed in her life and furthermore she knew nothing about the sessions so there was no chance of any self-influence from any expectations she might have otherwise had.