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I’ve just started working with The Emotion Code.  I am an animal communicator and a client called me to talk to her dog who was in the veterinary hospital.  The vet told her the dog was very sick and would be there for three days.  I spoke with the dog and asked if there was a trapped emotion and he said, “yes, in my liver.”  Through remote testing we discovered the emotion of sadness from within the last 6 months and were able to clear most of it.  There was some lingering.  The owner said she had recently hurt her knee and needed surgery.  She was afraid one of the dogs would run into her and she was very firm with the dogs to stay away.  Her dog had felt her fear and it gave him a trapped emotion of sadness.  Once we knew the origin, I was able to connect with the dog again and reassure him it was not his fault.  He was then able to release the remaining trapped emotion and felt much better.

The owner notified me later that day that she went to visit the dog and the vet said all the ultrasound, X-ray and blood tests were normal and the dog could go home.

I’m so glad this technique is available to help in cases like this, thank you. – Evergreen


My new Granddaughter was only 8 days old when she was found to have a problem with her heart.  She was rushed into hospital and put on strong medication to keep her alive, unfortunately this stopped her breathing so she was then put on a ventilator.

Things were looking very serious so I started to use The Body Code to help.  There were lots of hereditary emotions around the heart that needed clearing as well as disconnections in both directions from various parts of the heart.  I think the final piece though was her spirit was only 20% in her body and as soon as that came back to 100% there was a dramatic change in her condition.  They could reduce her medication and she started to breath for herself.  They were then able to operate on her and now she is recovering well.  I have kept checking her though and found a “no will to live” energy which I removed, as well as the physical trauma of the operation as well as some toxicity from the medications.
I only got the Body Code a few weeks ago, thank goodness I did.  – Mary Calvert


My name is Susan Bell and my husband was one of the people Dr. Nelson worked with on the Pornography webinar.  He released an “addictive heart energy” from him.  My husband was able to resist looking at cars and he made a decision not to.  I feel that it did help him because it made it easier to set his priorities straight… Thank you! – Susan Bell